Application for Special Land Use Permit

Section 16.1, of the Rockford City Code governs the application procedures for all special land uses within the City. Applicants seeking special land use approval are required to submit the enclosed application to the Zoning Administrator which shall include fifteen (15) copies of a site plan containing information required by Section 15.1D.2 (see attached), a completed application form, and payment of an application fee which has been established by the Rockford City Council to be $75.00 plus legal, engineering and/or other professional costs. All information must be submitted twenty (20) days prior to the Planning Commission meeting, which is the fourth Thursday of each month, and all information becomes public record upon submittal.

Upon receipt of an application for a special land use permit, the Zoning Administrator shall cause notice to be given of a special land use public hearing in accordance with the requirements of the City Village Zoning Act. The notice shall describe the nature of the special land use request, indicate the property which is the subject of the request, state when and where the request will be considered, and indicate when and where written comments will be received concerning the request. Following notice, the Planning Commission shall hold a public hearing on the special land use permit application. Applications for special land use permits will be reviewed based on Section 16.6, Special Land Use Specific Design Standards. Applicants are required to become familiar with both the General Standards for Approval and the Special Land Use Specific Design Standards.

Applicants needing assistance in completing the necessary documentation are encouraged to contact the City Hall at (616) 866-1537.

Special Land Use Application