Application for Soil Erosion and Sedimentation Control Permit

The City of Rockford adopted a local Soil Erosion and Sedimentation Control Ordinance in January 12, 2004, to ensure that our public utility system, drainage districts, waterways and watersheds are protected from development pressures. As such, prior to any construction activity commencing within the City of Rockford, property owners and/or contractors must first secure a local Soil Erosion and Sedimentation Control Permit. The permit application, as attached to this cover letter, is designed to accomplish three (3) goals. The first is an identification of control measures to be used during construction activities. The second is to ensure that should soils or sediments leave a given construction site, that they are immediately removed. Finally, the third is to give the City the ability to take corrective actions should a given property owner and/or contractor fail to comply with the City’s ordinance. The City Council also instituted a $200.00 fee for this application.

At a minimum, the City will requite that the perimeters of construction sites and all drainage facilities and easements be protected by silt fencing. The City will review each application individually to determine the appropriate level of controls. Enclosed with this application is a diagram including instructions as to the requirements for installing silt fence as part of an approved soil erosion and sedimentation control permit. Silt fence must be installed in strict accordance to the enclosed diagram and instructions in order to remain in compliance with the City’s ordinance. Erosion controls are to be inspected and maintained on a regular basis. Prior to and following a rain or run-off event, the soil erosion controls are to be inspected, repaired and additional controls put in place as necessary. In the event that soils are tracked into the public street system or any established man-made or natural drainage course, they must be removed immediately. Should the soils and sediment not be removed as required, the City will take all steps necessary to correct the situation with any costs being billed back to the property owner or contractor. Initially, the City will not require a performance guarantee in the form of a letter of credit or surety bond unless it is determined that this is warranted as a result of repeat violations of this ordinance. Anyone having questions or in need of assistance in completing the enclosed application form is directed to contact City Hall.

Soil Erosion Permit