Seasonal Reminders

Sewer Backup Emergency Contact

In the event a sewer back-up occurs, please call (616) 866-9557 to have the Department of Public Service dispatched to your address


Happenings Around Town


Spring Yard Waste

City crews have started looping through town picking up yard waste. There is no schedule at this time.  All yard waste needs to be placed in yard waste bags.  On April 6 the regular schedule of chipping on Monday and picking up yard waste on Tuesday through Friday will begin.

Street Sweeping

Street sweepers will begin working in town on Monday, April 6.  We are encouraging residents to avoid parking in the streets, if you see the sweeper, to allow them to do their jobs efficiently.  Thanks for your help.


Warning Sirens


The City of Rockford recently completed an upgrade of the outdoor warning sirens. New equipment was installed in each of the City’s three sirens and at the Fire Department. The system is capable of complete diagnostic testing without disturbing the public. The system computer checks the siren speakers, amplifiers, power supply and other components constantly and reports any malfunctions to the system manager. The siren’s manufacture recommends a complete system test including an audio alert monthly.

During the months of April thru October, Kent County dispatch tests all County sirens at noon on the first Friday of the month.

Rockford personnel will perform the necessary tests three extra times annually.

  1. The first Friday of March at noon.
  2. The first Friday of June immediately after the County test.
  3. The first Friday of September immediately after the County test.


Chief Warns of Fire Department Solicitation


Former Rockford Fire Chief Mike Reus said annually residents contact him after receiving phone calls soliciting donations or selling tickets claiming to be fund raising for the Rockford Fire Department. “We do not call and solicit from residents,” he stated. He said callers either claim to be Rockford Firefighters and either solicit donations or ask residents to buy tickets to a concert. “This seems to be the time of year this happens and already we have had several people call and ask if this is a legitimate fund raiser for the Rockford Fire Department. It is not.”


Streetlight Maintenance


The city streetlights are maintained by Consumers Energy. If you notice a streetlight flickering or not functioning, please contact Consumers Energy. There is a very easy form to fill out online at:

Alternatively, you can call Consumers directly at 800.477.5050, option 6. Please do not hesitate to call the City office at 616.866.1537 if you have any questions or need assistance.