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Application for Site Plan Review


Dear Applicant:

The purpose of the site plan review ordinance is to ensure that all uses and structures permitted shall be constructed so they comply with all applicable ordinances and regulations and are compatible with existing and probable future uses, as well as to promote the welfare of the community to the maximum extent possible.

Site plan review is required as follows:

  1. Prior to the creation of any new use or construction of any new building.
  2. Prior to any change in an existing use or structure, but only if such change is from a residential to non-residential use, or is accompanied by an increase in the exterior dimensions of a building, or if there is a change in traffic circulation patterns, or if the use is changed to one in which the minimum parking space required for the use increases by more than ten (10) percent, or if the change in use is one for which a use-variance if required to be received.

Site plan review shall not be required for a single or two family dwellings.

No grading, excavation, removal of vegetation, demolition or other substantial physical work in preparation for construction shall be commenced prior to site plan approval.

Site plan approval is conducted through the Planning Commission and does not require a public hearing or Council approval. All site plans subject to review shall be submitted to the Zoning Administrator for internal review by City staff. Once the Zoning Administrator determines that the site plan is complete, he shall transmit the site plan, along with comments from City departments to the Planning Commission for consideration at its next meeting.

The Zoning Administrator shall not be required to submit any site plan for review, which was submitted less than twenty (20) days prior to the next regularly scheduled Planning Commission meeting. The Planning Commission meets the fourth (4th) Thursday of each month. The Zoning Administrator shall determine once the site plan application is complete and includes all items found in Chapter Fifteen (15), Site Development Requirements of this ordinance. No site plan shall be submitted to the Planning Commission for review until it is deemed complete by the Zoning Administrator. All information provided becomes public record upon submittal.

The fee for site plan review shall be $100, plus legal, engineering, and/or other professional costs. Fifteen (15) sets of folded prints shall also be included with the application.

We hope the above information will assist you in filing your application for site plan review. Should you have any questions regarding this procedure, please contact us »


A site plan is required and must contain the following information:

  1. The date, north arrow and scale. The scale shall not be less than one (1) inch = 100 feet.
  2. The name and firm address of the professional individual responsible for the preparation of the site plan.
  3. The name and address of property owner and petitioner.
  4. A locational sketch.
  5. Legal description of the subject property.
  6. The size (in acres) of the subject property.
  7. Property lines and required setbacks.
  8. The location of all existing structures, driveways and parking areas within 300 feet of the subject property’s boundary.
  9. The location and dimensions of all existing and proposed structures on the subject property.
  10. The location of all existing and proposed drives (including dimensions and radii), acceleration/deceleration lanes, sidewalks, signs, exterior lighting, curbing, existing and proposed parking areas (including the dimensions of a typical parking space and the total number of parking spaces to be provided), and unloading areas.
  11. The location, pavement width and right-of-way width of all abutting roads, streets, alleys or easements.
  12. The existing zoning and use of all properties abutting the subject property.
  13. The location and a general description of all existing vegetation, including the location, size and botanical name of all trees greater than six (6) inches in diameter at breast height, and the location, type and size of all proposed landscaping, and the location, height and type of existing and proposed fences and walls.
  14. Size and location of existing and proposed utilities, including proposed connections to public sewer or water supply system.
  15. The location and size of all existing and proposed water drainage facilities.
  16. Existing and proposed topographic contours at maximum of two (2) foot intervals.
  17. Recreation areas, common use areas and areas to be conveyed for public use and purpose.
  18. Flood plain areas and basement and floor elevation of all buildings.
  19. Any deed restrictions or covenants.
  20. Typical elevation views of all sides of each building shall be provided.
  21. Summary schedules and views should be affixed as applicable in residential developments, giving the following data:
    a. The number of dwelling units proposed (by type), including typical floor plans for each type of dwelling unit.
    b. The number and location (by code if necessary) of efficiency and one or more bedroom units.
  22. A brief narrative description of the project.
  23. Any other information required to demonstrate compliance with other applicable provisions of the Rockford City Code.

The undersigned acknowledges that if the request is approved or other decisions favorable to the undersigned are rendered upon this request, the said decision does not relieve the applicant from compliance with all other provisions of the Zoning Code. The undersigned further affirms that he/she is they is (are) the       owner                        leasee             legal representative            (circle one) involved in the request and that the answers and statements herein contained and the information herewith submitted are in all respects true and correct to the best of his, her or their knowledge and belief. The undersigned authorizes the Planning Commission and Zoning Administrator access to the property for inspection purposes.

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Any individuals wishing to receive assistance in completing the zoning permit application are asked to contact City Hall.