City Of Rockford Election Results

Nov 15, 2016


The Rockford City Council welcomed three new Council members who were sworn in on Monday, Nov. 14.

The newly elected Council members, who will each serve four-year terms, are:

  • Cheryl Scales, currently an owner at Progressive AE where she serves as a civil engineer and planner. She graduated from Michigan State University with a bachelor of science degree in civil engineering.
  • Melissa Young, a second grade teacher at Valley View Elementary in Rockford and the widow of longtime Rockford City Manager Michael Young. She holds a bachelor’s degree in elementary education from Aquinas College.
  • Terry Konkle, a retired Rockford public school teacher with 30 years of experience who also spent 41 years coaching. He is the president of the Rockford Area Historical Society. He holds a bachelor of science degree in education from Central Michigan University.


It is the first time for each to hold public office.

“We are very pleased with election results and look forward to welcoming Cheryl, Melissa and Terry to the Council,” said Mayor Jerry Coon. “I am confident in the abilities of each of the new members and believe they will be excellent representatives of our community.


“All three candidates ran on a platform of progress. They each have demonstrated that they are involved citizens who will act with the needs of residents and the entire City of Rockford in mind.”


Immediately following the swearing in of new Council members, the Rockford City Council, including the two remaining Council members Steve Jazwiec and Jerry Coon, will nominate and vote on the new Mayor and Mayor Pro-Tem. Each will hold a two-year term.


“I am tremendously optimistic for Rockford’s future,” said David Jones, chief of public safety and interim city manager. “The City is primed and ready for success. The addition of our new Council members will provide the leadership, commitment and passion to drive Rockford forward.


“We are also grateful for Mayor Coon’s commitment to our city over the past two years. He has done a tremendous job, and his leadership will continue to influence the Council as we move forward.”